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Why Opt for a Rug Cleaning Specialist

Why Opt for a Rug Cleaning Specialist

It may seem like carpets and rugs go through the same cleaning process, but that is not the case. Carpet cleaners tend to overspray when cleaning rugs, potentially damaging hardwood floors. The chemicals that they use may also alter the dyes that give your rug its distinct colors. Additionally, most carpet cleaners cannot completely remove mold from rugs, and this poses a health hazard to you and your family.

We are often asked to clean rugs that carpet cleaners have already worked on. Save time and money by coming to us first!

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We are a family owned and operated third generation business specializing in sales, cleaning, and repair service of Persian, Oriental, Antique and Heirloom Rugs.

You have my promise that I will treat your rugs like my family's heritage rugs!

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Stain Removal


Our Cleaning Process

①   We Will Carefully and thoroughly wash your rug.

②   Cutting-edge cleaning equipment will be used to extract 95% of the moisture in your rug.

③   Your rug will be placed in our drying chamber, where it will be left to dry for a few hours.

④   Once your rug is dry and smells fresh, we will contact you to schedule a delivery.

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